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This free, promotional app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Check out the Adirondack Black Fly Challenge course anywhere, any time. No reception needed once downloaded to your phone.

Zoom way in on the trail and view using a choice of background maps from street and satellite view to USGS topo view.  Enable GPS on your phone and check your current location relative to the course. Show it to your friends and join everyone during the race in June or just ride it on your own any other time.

The Black Fly Challenge is a classic Adirondack Mountain bike race that takes place every year on the second Saturday in June. The race changes direction every year with the start and finish alternating between Indian Lake and Inlet, NY. Over half the 40 mile course traverses the rugged Moose River Recreation Area on mountain roads composed of dirt, gravel, sand and exposed boulders with several steep elevation changes. The top racers finish the race in about two hours while the rest of the field may take four or more hours.

Please patronize our sponsors in the Central Adirondack region, without their support, this free app would not have been possible.

Adk sponsor Big Moose Inn   Adk sponsor Drake's Inn   Adk sponsor Indian Lake Restaurant   Adk sponsor Pine's Country Store   Adk sponsor Starving Artist   Adk sponsor Matt's Draft House

The screenshots below are for iOS devices, the Android version is very similar.

Adirondack Black Fly Challenge app    Our Black Fly Challenge app features the race course that runs between Inlet and Indian Lake, alternating direction each year.

The app takes a few minutes to download, please be patient. We are loading the entire region's topo maps on your phone so you can use the app without reception and have all the information you need at your fingertips. Trail and business updates are automatic every time you start the app as long as you have reception.
   Adirondack Biking app opening screen    The opening screen lets you know that you can press anywhere on the screen and hold your finger for at least a second, and the options menu screen will appear. Tap cancel to clear the message.

The screen looks a little busy as there are numerous lean-tos and campgrounds in the region along with many area businesses to meet your needs. Use the options screen to turn on and off this display of custom pins.

The Custom Pins
Adirondacks Attractions Pin Attractions Adirondacks Campgrounds Pin Campgrounds Adirondacks Dining Pin Dining Adirondacks Gas Pin Gas
Adirondacks Information Pin Information Adirondacks Lean-tos Pin Lean-tos Adirondacks Lodging Pin Lodging Adirondacks Lodging & Dining Pin Lodging & Dining
Adirondacks Real Estate Pin Real Estate Adirondacks Shopping Pin Shopping Adirondacks Sports Pin Sports/Outfitters    


Mt biking app options screen    Map Options

Five options are available to control the display of information on your screen.

1) Map Type: Choose Street View, Satellite View or Hybrid View of both street and satellite for your background map. Default is Hybrid.
2) Show Topo Map: Indicate Yes or No to display the USGS 1:24,000 scale topographic map. Default is No.
3) Show Current Location: Indicate Yes or No to show your current GPS location as a bright blue dot on the screen. Default is No.
4) Show Trail Markers: Indicate Yes or No to show red pins for each trail. Tap a pin to display trail information. Default is Yes.
5) Show Business Markers: Indicate Yes or No to show custom pins for businesses, lean-tos and campgrounds. Tap a pin to display more information. Default is Yes.

Tap Submit to apply your preferences.


Mt biking app main screen    The black fly challenge trail is highlighted in red. Zoom in and out and move around using your fingers.

Tap the red trail pin to display trail name, elevation change, number of miles round-trip and difficulty level. Tap the blue arrow to open up the associated .pdf document with parking and trailhead information, an elevation profile and other helpful information.
   Mt biking app main screen    Tap a custom pin to display business name and phone number or lean-to name, or campground name.

Shown here is Pine's Country Store, a popular stop in Indian Lake and long time race supporter.
Mt biking app pdf screen   Mt biking app street screen   Mt biking app topo screen   Mt biking app GPS screen
.pdf document   Street view zoomed in on
Byron Park in Indian Lake
  Topo map view in hamlet of
Inlet (note, if you zoom
in too far, the topo will disappear)
  Blue dot shows current
GPS location
Disclaimer: Please note that the trails in this app have come from the NYS DEC and from the towns in the Central Adirondack region. The majority of these trails have not been GPSed and are representations of the exact trail locations. Do not precisely navigate by following these trail representations. MVGIS cannot guarantee the accuracy of the trail locations nor can MVGIS assume responsibility for the condition of the trails depicted in the app. Please use caution and common sense at all times when mountain biking.
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