Horseback Riding in the Adirondacks

I remember the first time I went riding, I was 17. We were on a family vacation. As a child, I was scared of horses; they were so big.

The horses were so gentle and forgiving, and soon, I was relaxed in the saddle and enjoying the surrounding beauty.

I've only had the opportunity to ride four times my entire adult life, always away on vacation. Each experience has been unique because of the locale or the horse's personality. But it's always been unforgettable.

Guides know how to select the best horse for each rider
and do not expect anyone to have experience. Handicapped
riders are welcome at many stables also.

Of course, if your group is made up of all highly experienced riders,
be sure to request a more customized tour in the Adirondack wilderness.

You can now display over 450 miles of horseback riding trails within the ADK web map by clicking by the Adirondack Trail map horseback icon icon. Click right on a trail for its surface type.

Click the photo or here to start searching for stables in the ADK trail map, under Sports/Recreation.

Photo courtesy of Adirondack Saddle Tours, Eagle Bay NY

Adirondack horseback riding
"Look at me, I have my own horse!"
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