ADK Recreation Interactive Trail Map and Trip Planner

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ADK Recreation Interactive Trail Map and Trip Planner

Add your business to the Adirondack Trails web map and phone app.

As a participating establishment, your business will be located within the free Adirondack Trails recreation interactive web map and within the free no-reception-needed Adirondack Trails phone app. All businesses will be assigned one or more categories for easy searching. Your business will be included on all the category specific business listing pages within the website as well.

Please note that you can receive a $50 savings on a Deluxe level listing if you embed our map on your website. It will show a zoomed in view of the ADKtrailmap web map, centered right on your location with your information displayed. See an example here.

Lisa GBusiness display in the web map

Lisa GBusiness display in the app

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IMPORTANT: You will be sent an email to confirm the addition or changes to your business listing. You must click the link in this email to activate your listing in the website, the web map, and the phone apps.

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